A Worthwhile Afternoon

I go to A LOT of movies.  All kinds, some blockbusters, some not.  And though, I see LOTS that I love and highly recommend, there are a small few that are just so very worth it.

Back when I was single, living on my own....my landlady gave me "The Shawshank Redemption" to watch.  I don't particular like prison movies but I took it because I didn't want to hurt her feelings and one Saturday, while I was doing something that I no longer remember, I popped it in the VCR.  Whatever I was doing, never got done - I LOVE that movie.  It's one of those fine pieces of art you find rarely.  And like I said before, I see lots of movies that I like, but few that leave an "impression".

My favorite movie from last year was another "impression" movie and that was "District 9".  Not a high budget movie, no big name actors....but so worth the watch.  It's a movie that you really have to pay attention to at the beginning; I see lots of forums where people are constantly stating that there are "plot" holes in this movie - all those "plot" holes are answerable if you were listening in the beginning.  I bought this movie for my Dad for Christmas and he and Mom finally set down to watch it last week - they loved it.  My mother likes very few movies and she isn't a SciFi fan at all; but she admitted it was a very good movie.

Today, I called CC to see if she'd like to go to the Chambersburg Mall for shopping, lunch and "Shutter Island".  Unfortunately, she had other obligations and couldn't.  So instead, I headed to the Hagerstown Mall.  I bought a new purse, new shoes and then decided to eat lunch.  I go to this mall rarely and was surprised that the food court was so sparse.  McDonald's and Subway had huge lines as did the pizza place.  The burger and boardwalk fry place was now replaced with a wing joint and the only other thing was a salad place.  I decided to go see if the Arby's was crowded....well, the Arby's no longer exists...so it was then I thought I'd walk down to "Garfield's" and see if my niece's boyfriend was tending bar...if so, I was just going to sit at the bar and eat lunch there.  He was, and my other niece and her fiancee were sitting there as well.  After lunch, I decided to go to the movies.  Oh, not "Shutter Island" that's a movie to see with CC, but I decided to go see a movie that CC won't see - "Avatar".

Before "Avatar" ever hit the cinemas, we would see it previewed at every movie we saw...previewed to death as we put it.  Once out, everyone kept telling me how great it was.....it's a pretty good bet, that if everyone is telling me a movie is spectacular...I'm probably not going to like it - it takes a lot to impress when you see as many as I do.

So I walked into "Avatar" expecting good special effects, mediocre storyline and hopefully not a waste of the whole afternoon.  What can I say?  I LOVED IT!!!  It's one of those "impression" movies, right up there with "District 9" and "The Shawshank Redemption".  It's a must see movie!!  And yes, I could sit through it again!!!