Who Said You Have To Starve To Lose Weight???

I've decided to keep my breakfasts and lunches as simple as possible by eating the same every day this week (I can switch around next week if I get tired of it).  I was inputting the information into Sparkpeople and though I haven't decided on the dinner portion of it yet, there is quite a lot of food there with plenty of calorie room for dinner:

Breakfast:                                                                Calories
Cheerios Yogurt Burst Cereal    3/4 cup                         120               
Skim Milk                                1/2 cup                          43
1 medium banana                                                        109

Mid-morning snack:
Dannon light n' fit yogurt-lemon                                       60

Whole Wheat Pepperidge Farm Deli Flat                        100
2 oz. Hillshire Farm Deli Select Honey Ham                     70
Mustard                                                                          3
1 cup Romaine Lettuce w/ 1TB Italian Dressing                78
1 Fat Free Jello Chocolate Pudding                                 60
100 Calorie Pack Cheez-its                                           100

Afternoon snack:
Special K Crackers (Italian Tomato & Herb)                     90
1 Wedge Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese                   35

Total Calories:  868

That's quite alot of food!!    Special K has really branched out from cereal.  I had no idea they were doing crackers and just happened to find them at Target.  Though I know crackers, Cheez-its and Chocolate Pudding aren't great diet foods; I know I have to have some type of snacks or I'll never stick to it!  And they all sure beat potato chips which are a huge weakness of mine!

In case you're wondering I still can use anywhere from 332-682 calories for dinner, which is quite a lot actually.


  1. Sounds great thus far! Are the crackers good? Chris has had them before but I didn't like the sound of the flavors, though they may be good if I'd try them!
    I always keep some of the sugar free sweet stuff in the fridge for those moments when I have to have it, but my favorite is the raspberry sf jello...yum! and with a dollop of lite cool whip...omg. Anyway, I am always skeptical of those 100 calorie packs because they always make me want more (you don't get many for 100 calories!) but if you only take one pack to work you should be in good shape!


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