When did THIS happen?

On Thursday, Cooper and I headed to Petco for a vaccine clinic.  We ended up being second in line.  We got there at
6:00 p.m., clinic was to start at 6:30 - but started 10 minutes early and we were out of there at 6:40.  This was the most organized one I'd ever been at.  During this horrible economy I see lots of ads from people having to give up their pets because they just can't afford them anymore and the animals are normally due for shots.  Please do not overlook clinics - check out www.luvmypet.com to see if there will be one near you (but remember your pet should have a check up by a Vet as soon as you are able to afford it).

But this post isn't to advocate vaccines for your pet...it does however tie in to my subject. In front of me in the line was a lady, her husband and their two daughters (I'm guessing 4 and 6 years of age).  The line was going around the small pet area, so the little girls (being kids and rather bored with line waiting) were looking at the animals.  The one loved the ferrets and I told her about when my sister had one; I told them about my guinea pigs; actually we discussed a lot!  At some point the 4 year old got one of the store carts designed for little kids and her older sister followed.  They both came walking back in with the carts and the mother stopped them and said:

"Both of you look at me.  We do not bump anything, anyone or each other.  We do not run through the store.  Do you understand?"  Both girls answered "Yes".  Then the mother proceeded, "What did I just say?"  And they each repeated the rules.

It was then that the oldest decided she no longer wanted her cart and returned it.  I said to the mother "That's because you just took all the fun out of it".  She laughed and then said, "Well they're both autistic and you have to tell them exactly what you expect or else they'll claim they didn't know".  Which I replied, "That's ALL kids".

Autistic?  These two girls?  NO WAY!!

Remember if a child asked a teacher a question without raising their hands they were considered disruptive, labeled ADHD, put on ritalin and put back in class?  There definitely was a day where there were more kids on ritalin then there were off.

Then everyone's kids were bi-polar.....but aren't we all really a little bi-polar?

And now, autism seems to be the new label.

Now don't get me wrong, I realize there are people who truly live with these conditions; I also realize that there are different levels; what I don't believe in is if a child is just, for lack of a better word, "bad", that means he's suffering from a condition.  Just because a child "acts up" doesn't mean he has a "condition".

I don't know allot about autism, but I know one thing - those two little girls aren't autistic.  Oh, I'm sure some teacher, counselor or doctor may have told their mother that; but I'm pretty sure at all levels of autism the child lacks social skills, which is something these little girls did not lack.  I've since realized that I know a whole lot of people whose children have been named "autistic".

What has happened in our society that we have so many children that are ADHD, Bi-polar and Autistic?