I hadn't realized that it has been so long since I've posted.  Thought I should catch up.

The blog was weird today.  I receive comments to my post via email and I've been receiving some that though are not offensive in anyway; they come across as comments to just try to pull traffic to their site.  A lot of the comments are in regards to posts that are very old and not the current stuff.  During a down time at work due to a computer "upgrade" glitch...I thought I'd log in and delete the comments out and block the site they were coming from.  I logged in, chose to manage comments and realized there were TONS of them.  As I began to weed through them, I then realized that the Post Titles the comments were associated with were not mine.  At some point I caught a glance of a dotcom and it didn't say "Stratsgarden" - it was something else entirely.  I realized I was in someone else's blog!!!  I logged out and started again.  First page - it's me!!  But as I go to manage comments...I'm in someone else's.  Just as I started to copy/paste the pages to send to support, everything went to my blog.  The comments were all mine and the comments I wanted to get rid of were all gone!!!  Very, very strange.  It has not happened since.  Hijack or Go Daddy Glitch????

I had to come home today and drink....yep, work was that bad!