Time To Re-Think My Weight

Oh yeah – it’s time…it’s time to really consider my weight issue again.  I get so jealous over Kim's weight loss and her determination and drive…it makes me sick.  But she is motivational and well, that’s what I need - motivation!!


Diets are very frustrating.  Let’s face it, there’s weighing, measuring, calorie/fat/carbs/points counting.  There’s no easy fix.  Choosing the diet to follow is also hard.  Oh and I am being told to refer to it as a "lifestyle change" and not a "diet" - like that makes it easier!


There’s lots of diets being offered online these days:  Weight Watchers, Curves, Change One, South Beach, Jillian Michael's, E-Diets…but it seems such a waste to PAY for that service in this economy.  You may be thinking, that's just an excuse but hey, don’t judge me - $15-$20 a month does add up!! 


Anyway, if you're re-thinking your weight as well, may I recommend Spark People .  It's FREE.  Just input your information and your weight goals and it will create menus for you.  You don't have to use their menus though, you may also create your own.  Kim mentioned on her site another FREE site My Fitness Pal.  A simpler site than Sparkpeople but it doesn't create menus for you; you input your daily food intake and it calculates things out for you.  If you're really set on using one of the above diets, the cheapest way around is to buy the book and then use Sparkpeople or MyFitnessPal with it.  Really, if you want to spend a monthly fee - do it at a gym!

 But for me to stick to a diet…it’s got to be easy and I find the best tools make things easier.  That's why I was rather excited when I came across this at Sparkpeople:




A cutting board with a scale and measuring cups attached!  Plus some take along containers with removable ice packs.  All one kit and reasonably priced.  I couldn't resist – I bought it!!


Next step???  Deciding what I’m going to eat and doing the grocery shopping!


  1. So here's the thing....you know the right stuff to eat; we all know this by now, so I would say don't stress about following a diet. And don't rule out all your favorite foods just because they aren't healthy; just have them in moderation or as an occasional treat. If you crave something and it won't go away, partake of a bit of it, enough to satisfy the craving. Exercise, I have come to discover, is key. There is no way around it. Find something you enjoy though as if you hate it, you won't stick with it. If you don't usually eat breakfast, start. So essential and it kick starts your metabolism. You probably know all of this though!
    I'm not sure whether to say "Thanks!" or "ummm..thanks? I think." to what you said about me! LOL! Motivational but making you sick? Hmmmm ;)


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