This, That and Then Some

Today I dropped out of my online classes.  I wasn't finding the time for them and I really found them boring....  What I really want to do is Computers.  They wouldn't let me switch my major; so I cancelled out of my currrent study and will sign up for the computers ones at a later time.  I want to pay off the bill first.  I actually thought they would make me pay for the whole semester, but they didn't - they prorated it out.  So Polt, you won't be proctoring for a while (but I will need you at some point).

Diet is still going well.  Yesterday I felt like I was starving the whole day, and though I ate more than planned; I was still within my daily intake.  Today I had to force myself to eat.  Can't figure it out!!

CC - we really need to see "Avatar".  Everyone keeps telling me it's a "must" for the special effects alone and they all highly recommend to pay extra and see it in 3D.  So a trip to the mall must be forthcoming..... and yes, you ARE going.

Thinking of movies...the theatre CC and I always loved going too and that closed down last fall (for the umpteenth time); is being renovated and reopening in the Spring.  Because the building is being leased by a Church (they hold their services there), the company that is going to run the theatres (a company owned by a church member) has opted not to show "R" rated movies.  I have some mixed feelings about that.  Probably alot of the movies we see aren't "R" rated, but there are those that are and though I somewhat understand their reasoning; I also see it as a version of censorship (book burning).  Why can't *I* make that decision?  They seem to have a lot of things planned but insist that it will be "affordable"; but I can't see that happening.  I don't know if the renovations will be enough to compete with the mall.

Tomorrow I'm leaving work early and Cooper and I are heading to a vaccine clinic at Petco.  It'll be a long wait in line and I want to be near the front.