Some This and Some That

I did rather well during the work week with my diet, but somewhat failed over the weekend.  I seem to do better when I’m on a schedule.  Despite the set back though, I did manage to lose 3 lbs. and am back on track again.  I’ve pretty much got into the breakfast habit, so this week I’m working on exercise.  Since the weather has been a little nicer, I’ve opted for longer dog walks and am taking the routes going UP the hills rather than down.  So baby steps…..

When did the show “The Bachelor” become “Rock of Love”?  This bunch of “ladies” (and I use that term rather loosely), are in very much need of therapy.  There’s so much nitpicking, backstabbing, badmouthing and craziness going on that I can’t believe the Bachelor himself hasn’t already called it quits and decided to find his love the way all the rest of us do!!  I never expect true love from this show, just entertainment; and it certainly is providing that this time around!

Have you seen the movie “Moon” yet?  Really worth the viewing….I cannot believe Sam Rockwell did not get a nomination for this!   It’s out on DVD so rent or buy a copy – well worth it.  Oh and if you haven’t seen “District 9” – another well worth it movie, my favorite from last year.

Went to see “The Lovely Bones” with CC and Josh this weekend.  Since it just came out and many of you may not have seen it…..well it is a good movie, not about what I thought it was about, and well the ending hits and I was like “What? How? Wait A Minute!”  So the ending kind of ruined it for me.  Will make a good rental though.

If you’re into vampire movies than “Daybreakers” is worth seeing.  A very different take on the vampire legend but keeping close to legend – so don’t expect the nicey fluff of the “Twilight” vampires.  Maybe I’m a little bias as I’m a “True Blood”fan!


  1. Didn't know that this discussion would get so heated. At least I put my hat in the ring.

  2. Me and my girlfriend come to your site very often. We love reading your posts. Thank you!


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