A Chocolate Craving

I had one of those days where I was, well...hungry.  I had a chocolate craving, which is rather rare for me.  I did well during the day, but when I got home I knew I needed something to ease that craving or I'd end up in a binge.  I remembered reading somewhere about a single serve microwave chocolate cake that you make in a large coffee mug.  Upon finding the recipe I realized it came in at over 700 calories - Ouch!!  I then found a lighter version in which the person had replaced the oil with unsweetened applesauce.  I took it a little further and replaced the sugar with sweet n' low, the egg with egg substitute and the regular milk with skim, therefore coming out with a 204 calorie version (and I was so lucky to have all those items in my cupboard):

4 TB flour
2 packs sweet n' low
3 TB unsweetened cocoa
1/4 cup egg substitute
3 TB skim milk
3 TB unsweetened applesauce

Mix the dry ingredients together in mug, add the egg and stir; add the milk and applesauce and stir until mixed well.  Cook in microwave for 3 minutes.  Due to the variety of wattages microwaves you may have to adjust the time with trial and error.  If the cake is too hard, you've cooked to long; it should be spongy.

The cake was very moist and slid right out of the mug onto a plate!  I dusted the top with some 10x sugar and it was very good and eased the chocolate craving!!  And the serving is quite large!  I saw other people top this off with Cool Whip, canned icing and some even eat it with ice cream/frozen yogurt.  Remember that your topping and/or side will add calories.  I used very very little 10x, so I didn't count it at all.

And in the event you're wondering how I figured out the calorie content:  Sparkpeople has a recipe calculator on their recipe page.  You just input the ingredients and it figures it out for you!!