The Day Begins

Today is my Christmas get-together with my aunts, uncles, cousins & such on my Mom's side of the family.  I was one of 3 in charge of this, well sort of........

When my grandmother was alive we spent Christmas Eve at her apartment.  All of us (and there's lots of us) smashed in there - but it was happy times.  After she was gone, a few years went by that we didn't do anything; then it was decided to rent a room and everyone get together.  My mother took charge of this as well as the Family Reunion.  She never did it without complaint though - "Why does everyone expect me to do anything?"  "No one else wants to pay."  "For once I'd like to just be someone that gets to show up."

It had gotten so bad with her, that last year she didn't do anything(Christmas or Reunion).  When she heard that some relatives had said how much they missed it, her response was "Well, nothings stopping them from renting a room."  In defense of my relatives - they didn't mean it in the way she took it.

Don't get me wrong, my Mom is a wonderful person and I love her dearly.  But she does tend to go overboard with things and be a little too sensitive at times.

Anyway during our many family funerals this past year (one right after the other), my cousins and I had said it would be nice to see each other outside a funeral home.  Outside the church at my aunt's funeral this discussion was going on and my mother said the issue was finding a room.  My cousin Ed picked up his cell phone and within minutes had us a very nice room owned by a friend of his (we've had this room before).  Good!!  That gave us a starting point.  And I told my mother not to worry about it - just show up - I'd handle it.

If only she'd just do that......

After the service I was approached by I don't know how many relatives wanting details on the party....apparently my mother told everyone to come see me.  WE JUST GOT THE ROOM - did they really think we had it all planned out already???  What had my mother done - texted all these people during the service???

For someone that just "wants to show up"; she certainly hasn't stayed out of anything.  She drove me nuts over getting invitations out (really?  everyone already knew); kept telling me she had left over money from previous years (which I haven't seen, but don't really need); and then advised me that I hadn't worded the invitation correctly.

Everyone always brings a gift and we use them as game prizes and such.  So I had put that on the invitation, along with a canned food for the food bank, and a 2-liter soda & covered dish to share.  My mother didn't hide her displeasure with the canned food addition very well - but she got over it.  She informed me last week, that I should have specifically stated the gifts were for prizes as my one Uncle was refusing to come if he had to bring a gift - well.....don't come.  Now really, did he think we were going to turn him away????  She's had calls about what kind of gift to bring; and why oh why hadn't I put MY phone number on the invitation???


Anyway, today is the party and hubby has cooked a ham to share; Ed's meeting me at the room at noon; Brenda's bringing turkey and taking care of games; and fortunately it snowed yesterday and not today!!
Later, I hope to have some HAPPY photos to share!!


New washer/dryer came yesterday.  As it turns out the one delivery person was the father of someone I work with (small world huh?).  Anyway, they are very nice and very quiet:

My house is older and lacks a laundry room and the only place for them is the cellar - so excuse the mess!!

Had Cooper at the Vet's on Thursday.  He had a high temperature and is now on antibiotics for 2 weeks.  He's doing much better now though - pretty much his old self.