Testing My Patience

It's been a very long and trying day.  Sometimes God really tests my patience.

Though completing NaBloPoMo, I once again only end up with the "I Did It" badge on the sidebar.  Every year I hope to win one of the many donated prizes (picked randomly), but never do.  Eventually I hope to get one of those Sock Zombies.

Hubby had some tests done at Johns Hopkins today and everything took longer than expected.  Appointment was at 9:45 but we had to be there by 8:45; we had to leave the house at 6:45.  The doctor got behind and well, it was about 11:00 until his started.  Then there's recovery and such.  When he finally comes out, we're to sit until the doctor comes out.  She does and talks to the appointment that was ahead of his.  She then returns to the back and opts to have lunch.  Comes back and well, starts her afternoon procedures.

Hubby needed to be back at the office by 5:00; we were really pushing it.  But finally they took his cell phone number and said the doctor would call (she hasn't). 

I had to drive home.  I hate driving on freeways - they just scare me and people drive like idiots and things can go to a sudden stop all at once.  Fortunately only 30 minutes of the drive consists of this...but I still hate it.  To make matters worse, it's pouring down rain and foggy.  Grrrr.......  I hate driving in the rain and now I have to do it on the freeway.

Obviously we got home okay.

Cooper is sick.  I noticed on Monday night when he and I went to bed, he remained where I plopped him on the bed rather than move to my side.  That's where he stayed.  The next morning he didn't get up with me (he faithfully does that and is constantly underfoot wanting attention).  When I got home last night, he was still in bed.  I picked him up and took him the bathroom while I took a bath.  He's loves the bathroom, but he just curled up on the floor - totally not normal.

I took him to bed with me.  This morning, he *did* get up; but then he laid down on the floor.  I brought him a bowl of water and he drank a little (he's normally a water hog).  I came back in 10 minutes later and he was gone.  I looked and then heard a cat in a litterbox in the basement.  I went down and he was there.  10 minutes later when I checked, I couldn't find him.  Eventually I found him curled up on a table in the basement.  I took him back to the bedroom and brought him food, which he did eat a little.  Course we had to go to Johns Hopkins.

When we got home, he was still in bed but he did get up.  I gave him water a few times this evening and he did drink a rather good amount (though still not the normal).  I'm going to call the Vet in the morning.


  1. I know what you mean about patients you saw how I was yester day at the reunion . Bye the way my father helped build those bridges way back then Love your input. keep up the good work.

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