It Was A Long Fun Day!!

Polt commented in my post yesterday:

I'm told that Kim and MJ are on a bus trip to NYC today as well. I wonder if you're all on the same bus???? Or if not, I wonder if you guys will run into each other! Wouldn't that be hiLARious!!!!

I need to make a correction to that - it wasn't Kim and MJ it was Kim and Patsy; and I don't know that because I was on the same bus or ran into to them in NYC (it was neither), but because Kim had told me the day before.

The day started VERY early at about 3:20 a.m. (it was a one day, on your own trip).  The drive to NYC was uneventful.  I sat with Kim   (not the Kim from Polt's post) and two of the teens from church (Kirk and Molly) sat in front of us.  I had numerous aunts and cousins on the trip that kept my mom occupied. 

They dropped us off by Rockefeller Center and advised they'd pick us up there as well.  Rockefeller Center was PACKED with people.  I did manage to get a photo of the tree:

When I say PACKED, I mean Wall-to-Wall people.  Eventually they barriered off the streets around it so people could walk in the street; this would cause a problem later when it was time to meet the bus - but at that time, we all were totally unaware of this.

It was extremely freezing cold in NYC yesterday meaning that any store or sightseeing activity was crowded due to people looking for heat!!  After some wandering, Mom and I headed to Times Square and ate lunch at the Olive Garden to heat up.  Some photos from the city:



I just LOVE this city and would so love to live there.  Mom and I went to see "Mamma Mia" and Kim, Kirk and Molly went to "Rock of Ages" which they said was fabulous.  "Mamma Mia" was very good and tons of fun:

If you ever have the opportunity to see this - DO!!  You won't be disappointed.

After the show, we headed back to Rockefeller Center (which was now MORE crowded) and ran into 2 of my aunts and 1 cousin in the NBC Studio Store.  It was outside of this particular store we were to meet the bus.  While they stood inside, I walked out to see if anyone else was around and it was then I noticed that no traffic was coming down the street.  Once we met up with more of the bus people, my cousin Ed (who had been smart enough to get the bus driver's cell phone number) called the bus driver.  It was decided the best place to pick-up was a straight walk, 2 blocks down.  This is where the nightmare begins.

Obviously not everyone was in the meeting place, we didn't want to just take off and have people show up and not know the new plan.  However, my mom, aunts and cousins (with the exception of Ed) decided to do just that without us knowing.  Within minutes they were gone.  We headed in that direction figuring we'd meet up with them.  We get to the new location and well, they're not there.  It was then, his cell phone rang and well you know, they're lost.  We're figuring they walked too far and needed to turn around.  Everytime the cell phone rang they were in worse shape then the time before and we eventually realized they weren't in front of us - THEY WERE BEHIND US!???????  How'd that happen?  Well, rather than follow the instruction of "Go straight down 2 blocks"; they went RIGHT (not straight) and down 2 blocks.  What a mess!!! 

Eventually we all got together, the bus came, and we loaded and did a head count.  Oops!!  We're still missing 3 people, and they weren't with anyone on the bus and no way of contacting them.  Just as someone was going to go back up to the original meeting place to look.....Molly's cell phone rang.  Apparently, though never being introduced, the teenage girl knew Molly from school or somewhere and her mother knew Molly's mother.  She made a phone call and got Molly's cell phone number.  They weren't at the actually meeting place, I think they were lost entirely....they were several blocks ahead though and were able to walk down and find us.  Hurray!!  Though an hour past our original leaving time, we were now able to leave - but it took another hour to get out of the city.

On the way home they made a stop at a Burger King in Hamburg, PA.  We were dying of thirst at this point, but wouldn't you know it.  Two buses were already there, one pulled in ahead of us and another was behind.  They were dealing with 5 buses!!  Deciding to beat the crowd, Kim, Kirk, Molly and I hurried in to order.  I got my order and heading out the door....

And now Polt this is where it gets hiLARious; I'm heading out the door and coming in the door is **KIM & PATSY **  fresh off one of the other buses!!!

I got home at 1:00 a.m.  Two hours shy of a full 24-hour day!!  

Oh, and some sights in NYC are just funny: