Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians....

Oh, y'all have heard the saying about Too Many Chiefs....

I get to work today and there's a computer issue going on.  No problem for me, I head to the file room.  Office Employee (OE) comes in a while later and decides since the computer is down she's going to scan.

No one has scanned in I don't know how a matter of fact, scanning normally causes a whole lot of hate and discontent, and well no one really has time to do it.  Since the scanning involves "the files" most everyone sees it as my job entirely and whine and complain if they have to help.  Scanning is like Filing - you just don't get help with it.

When a file hits a 7 year period, it can be scanned and then the hard copy destroyed.  Technically we should be scanning 2002 files now...but who am I kidding we've never finished 1999 files!!  Anyway, since people are constantly returning...a file can contain several different years in it.  Which basically means, you have to go through all the files to find the year you need.  Very big project. 

Since the files on the shelves outside of the filing system are 2003 and prior...I had decided that when I got the time to scan, I'd just pull the whole file down and do the whole thing.  Since we're almost in 2010 all these files can be scanned - no sense in going year by year.  Saves a step, no problem.

Anyway, OE1 decides she'll scan what's left of the 1999 files.  Unfortunately, though the scanned computer is to be separate from the regular network, whatever was going on was also affecting it.  So she got it in her head that she was going to pull the 2000 files out of the folders.  I explained to her that I had decided against it and to just do the whole file as they all can be scanned.  She said that made sense. 

Ten minutes later she returns and tells me she discussed it with the Boss (????!!!!) and he didn't really care how we did it but we all needed to agree how it was done.  She further went on to tell me she only went to him just so he'd know what was going on in case he needed to find a file (he NEVER gets a file, he asks me to get it for him).  She then pulls in OE 2 & 3 and begins to tell them how she's tearing down the files and apparently she and the Boss had decided to continue breaking it down by year.  This went over OE 2 & 3 heads, they only heard "scanning" and they immediately went in to rages of how they don't have time to scan, etc....   I just shook my head.

When we started this last time, I planned a system that no one was pleased with for some unknown reason and Boss took their wasn't until later when things were taking so long that he agreed my way had been the right then though, it was too late to organize. Course I'm not over concerned about this as regular duties will take over and I'll just do it my way anyway...but you get the picture.

Why is it that no one wants the file job, but everyone has an opinion of how to do it???


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