The Long Week Ends

Though I'm completely ready to crash, I just couldn't have another jump in, jump out blog posting.  That's just cheating in NaBloPoMo IMO.

It's been a long week.  Working the commissary really is tiring.  There's a lot to do there and well, I'm use to sitting at a desk!!  I didn't mind it though, but as usual, it puts me behind.  Hopefully some more overtime catch up coming my way.

Another old picture slide:


My Aunt Kate & Uncle Harry.  Everyone use to go to their house on Sundays.  They had an in ground pool.  CC and I had lots of fun there.  My Aunt Kate has been dead for almost 10 years.  I can remember the time length because it was several weeks before my wedding.  The week before my wedding was to be their 50th wedding anniversary party - unfortunately it never happened.


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