I'm On Vacation.....I'm On Vacation.....

Vacation started today - hurray!!!

Lowe's apparently had us down for 2 washers and no dryer...anyway, they've corrected that mistake but we're still waiting for the stock to come in; so it may be another week yet.

Work's been ho-hum with no scanning happening.  See told ya - whole lot of talk for a whole lot of nothing.  But I'm glad, why can't people stay out of my file room????

"2012" - This movie was pretty good but lacked some common sense (spoilers may exist ahead).  For instance, how is it that one family can drive through collapsing buildings and the ground splitting apart without damage??  How is that the person who has had a few flying lessons can fly an airplane solo around falling buildings and huge boulders flying at you and then help co-pilot a huge plane??  Why is it that the divorced Mom & Dad have to end up together again for the ending to be happy??  Why is it that the nice guy scientist is surprised that the government would be selling tickets to the ships and not allowing just anyone on??  Was anyone else rooting that the John Cusack family just die?  Boy, I was - to save their selfish selves they put the lives of hundreds of others on the line.  Unfortunately, I didn't get that wish.  If you like lots of action...it's the movie for you; but in my opinion the non-stop action plucked my nerves.

Night all!!