A Washer & Dryer

Okay no I haven't picked up a washer & dryer through Freecycle (though that is possible)...but as hubby and I walked through Lowe's this evening we, as always, looked at the front loaders.  We then decided, WTF, let's do it!!  And so we did - we also decided that we wouldn't buy each other Christmas presents this year and just consider the washer & dryer Christmas.  They'll arrive next Thursday and they are RED!!!
I'm so excited!!

Last post I told you about the couch.  Our old couch is sitting on the side of the house, next to the alley.  When we got home tonight, hubby was turning around in the alley, the car lights shown on the side of the house and there was Cooper all curled up on the old couch!!  We both laughed.  Unfortunately, he jumped off before I could take a picture.

They've chosen to block FaceBook at work due to an employee using it in front of a supervisor, that just happened to be in a bad mood.  This has seriously upset one officer, who I would assume was an abuser of this (why else be so upset?).  Anyway, this discussion came up in the office today between myself, another office employee (OE) and the computer guy.  OE immediately stated that she did not have a FaceBook and was tired of the above stated officer insisting she did.  I assume she said this because the computer guy was sitting there as she actually DOES have a FaceBook account.  She may never use it, but I helped her set it up!!!  And she is listed with her first name, maiden name, and last name - it's her!!  She then continued with how only idiots use things like FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace; why would anyone be so stupid as to want to be in touch with people they knew years ago and haven't seen since, and how boring of a life can you have if after spending all day at work in front of a computer, you'd go home and sit in front of one; and that people are just not smart enough to realize the dangers of online socializing.

Yep, in less than 30 seconds she called me an idiot, stupid, boring and not smart.  The computer guy and I just looked at each other and smiled.  I guess running your daughter to school activities, movies and the mall is a little more exciting of a life...........NOT!!!!  People are so funny when they just don't understand.

Anyway, I *can* access FaceBook via my phone (Samsung Instinct) and if I take my laptop to work (which I often do for scheduled meetings) I can access it via my Virgin Mobile Pay As You Go USB device (thereby totally avoiding the work internet access) .  Come to think of it, I should take the laptop everyday and charge people to access their FaceBook accounts!!!  Hmmmm.......