A Busy Day

Oh I know, y'all are sick of my "busy" days.  Can't help it - that's just how work has been.

Today I had a break from the commissary, but with a person out in the office I still had 2 jobs to do.  I ended up staying an hour and a half over.  Long day, lots of standing, a whole lot of filing.

Some more photos:

My great uncle use to have a place down by the Potomac River and we had picnics there almost every Sunday when I was little.  I picked this particular photo as the lady in the red shirt is my Aunt Carol.  She was one of my family members that died recently.

The above photo is me (in the front), my Mom and my one sister.  I'm assuming we were on a day trip to somewhere.  Back then we didn't do vacations, we took day trips here and there.  We also didn't stop and eat at fast food places and such...Mom packed a picnic and we ate at roadside tables.