Pets Are So Funny

About a week ago, Keyser and I went for a long walk.  As we're walking through the neighborhood, we come around a corner and this black cat comes running across the street to greet us.  Keyser just loves cats, so he's very excited - the cat didn't seem to mind Keyser at all and was quite happy until Keyser decided it was time to wrestle(which he does with Cooper and use to do with Strat), then the cat wondered off.

We walk down the block and around the next comes a gray cat.  Doesn't seem to mind Keyser at all either, until Keyser decided it was time to wrestle......   Another block and out of no where comes an orange cat!  Same scenerio - greets us, loves us, doesn't want to wrestle.  It was quite funny.

The gray cat has become a regular on our walks now.  I swear he must sit under a bush and wait for us to come out of the house.  He's very friendly, doesn't mind dogs (unless they want to wrestle) and will walk with us while he aggrevates Keyser the entire walk.
Sometimes he'll run ahead and hide and pounce out of bushes on top of Keyser!

When I got home the other day, I walked Keyser along with that gray cat, whom I now refer to as "Pita" (Pain In The A**) and it was a normal aggrevated walk.  I got Keyser back to the house; and then walked Toby. 

Toby also likes cats, well let me rephrase that...Toby likes cats he KNOWS (Cooper, Spunky, Sebastian).  However, we're not a 1/2 block from the house when Pita decides to join us.  Toby does get excited and they touch noses; but then he notices as we walk that this cat is right behind us; and it somewhat has him worried.  At some point Pita got bored and crossed the street; Toby calms down and decides to "do his business" but of course, is also watching what the cat is doing.  Pita in turn decides this looks interesting and comes back.  Now Toby is in a panic; he's still "going" but at the same time doesn't want the cat near him, so he starts walking while in his squatting position to move away from the cat!  I almost fell over, it was so hysterically funny!!!

Okay, maybe it was a "you had to of been there" moment!!!