It Was A Long Week

Last week was a long week.  On Monday I ended up leaving work early as I was getting sick.  I didn't get back to work until Friday and even then I only went back because I didn't want to get a doctor's excuse to return.  When I got home Friday, I went to bed and then get out until about noon on Saturday.  Was it H1N1?  Well, I didn't go to a doctor, so I don't know - I just know, that though I'm feeling better, it doesn't take much to wipe me completely out.  It gets better each day, but I'm still really tired when I get home.  And of course, the filing is all backed up at work.

Friday evening, prior to getting home, hubby stopped to drop an order off in our old neighborhood; so we drove by the old house to look for Mickey.  We haven't seen Mickey since June, but there he was sitting on the side porch.  We stopped, I picked him up and we took him home.  Mickey was extremely clean and healthy looking, so I'm sure someone has been taking care of him - probably even allowing him inside their home.  The thought that I may see a lost & found ad in the paper for him crossed my mind.  Mickey hid under the dining room table, when I tried to pet him, he backed away.  He hissed at all the other animals in the house.  Sebastian and he used to be such buddies.  Saturday afternoon, in all the rain, wind and cold...Mickey left again.  I asked God to see him safely back to the old neighborhood.  I don't think we'll see Mickey anymore.