I'm Back!!!!!

Oh, I know what you're thinking.....WTH have you been????  I'm still here alive and kicking!!

Things have been very busy; I missed almost a full week of work off sick with the flu...which meant all my work was backed up.  It took me a week to get that caught up (well the back load caught up, which in turn backed up the current stuff) and the first week back was tough as the flu left me totally whipped and I got tired so easily it was hard at work.  So the next week, I'm finally full force again and what happens???  The guy that runs the commissary at work has to take off for surgery...and now I have to handle those bank deposits and such.... AND starting on Monday, the Warden has assigned me and two officers to start running the commissary as normal.  No one but the commissary guy knows how to do this - should be interesting.  Oh, yeah and also - the three of us are expected to keep up our own work as well.  No one else has to crunch themselves to help us out.  I get stressed just thinking about it.

Happy Halloween to everyone. 

Trick or Treat was this past Thursday in our town (always the last Thursday of October); I didn't hand any candy out though - never have.  But the neighborhood was actually quiet.  Some year I'm going to dress up and hand out candy though.

Thinking of Halloween, it amazes me the people that find this fun holiday, evil.  I mean really, do you think all the little kiddies dressed up and out getting candy are secretly worshiping the devil???  Really????  I had someone say Christians cannot observe what was once a Pagan holiday.  Now I'm sure all these "Christians" celebrated Halloween when they were little but all of a sudden, though nothing has really changed, it's a bad thing.  Do all these Halloween haters know that Christmas is celebrated at a time when a Pagan holiday was celebrated??  And that that is why Christmas was placed at that time, it made the conversion easier to place Christian holidays, where holidays already were.  Do a web search you'll see.

Anyway, I must reshare one of my favorite Halloween moments, which occurred at CC's house.  She has one of those big blow up yard ornaments that is 3 ghosts.  I was at her house last year and this is what I saw:


It had been windy that day and the ghost that "should be" in the middle had gotten twisted and was getting busy with the ghost in the back:


They do say a picture is worth a thousands words!!!

So how am I celebrating Halloween this year??  Well I'm avoiding the big parade held every year in Hagerstown, MD; cause if you've seen that once, you've seen it a million times (and trust me I *have* as I use to live along the route).  So CC and I are heading to The House of Kobe for dinner and then off to the movies to see Paranormal Activity .  Halloween, good food, horror flick - how else would you want to spend Halloween???

Anyway.....tomorrow not only starts November, but it's also the start of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) - a post a day; and as in previous years I'm participating!!!