Another Day

I know I've been really bad about updating this blog - just plain old laziness....

Yesterday there was a festival in the downtown, so I walked down to check it out.  There was some music and lots of vendors.  Some vendors were businesses, some arts & crafts, food stands, vegetables & fruit and then a few yard sale type ones.  I didn't buy anything but did pick up a BBQ chicken meal from the fire department that was very good.  I keep forgetting that I now live on a the walk to the fest was very easy; the walk back was uphill - tiring but good exercise.

I've actually mapped out a mile walk in the neighborhood.  I had one mapped out in the old neighborhood, but the one here is a little more challenging as it's a hilly route.  Now I just need to get my eating habits back in order.  I've opted not to follow a specific diet but just make some better choices in what I'm eating.  Diets, I find, put your whole focus on what you're trying to avoid "food" - how can you focus elsewhere when you're always weighing, measuring and preparing menus?  There's better things to focus on.