A Cool, Crisp Autumn Morning

Keyser had me up at 6:00 this morning needing to go out.  So I got up, put him on the leash and opened the back door - "Jingle, Jingle, Whooosh!"  Nearly knocking us over - Cooper came in the door!  I was so relieved.

He's actually in pretty good shape, is clean, still has his collar.  It kind of makes me wonder if someone had him in their house?  I mean, I certainly wouldn't take in a cat that has a collar on it as that's so obvious a sign that it belongs to someone.  But some people are just stupid.

I think micro chipping is a good thing.  I've been reading stories where dogs and cats have been missing for YEARS and have been reunited; but the scanning of that chip is only going to occur if the animal makes it to a Shelter or a Vet as a stray.  If someone just takes your pet, removes the collar and never mentions it to the Vet that they "found" them (if they bother to take it to a Vet), who's going to know to scan it?  And what if they only use clinics for shots? Animal would never be scanned.  Fortunately Labs will scan and check for tattoos when animals are brought to them.  But what about the animals that someone just chooses to take as a pet?

This worries me.....