So Depressing

As you've read here, my niece was in the process of getting a dog for her son.  They settled on the one I had found at a local rescue and planned to surprise him for his birthday.  Party was set for Sunday, and the people fostering the dog brought the dog to them on Saturday night.

When I got to my Mom's on Sunday, my sister told me that the dog was very ugly.  I in turn pulled out the photos from the internet of the dog - she insisted that a stand in must of been used.  She said the dog doesn't move, holds it's head up constantly.  I advised that she had no idea what the dog has been through and it was probably scared and needed an adjustment period.

When we got to my niece's the dog was laying on a blanket.  He had dried blood around his mouth.  My niece said that the people had told them that they discovered he had been chewing on some fencing and had cut it's mouth.  They had advised that if a problem occurred to take it to a Vet and they would pay for the cost. 

My sister wasn't kidding, the dog didn't move much and was constantly holding it's head up.  It did take a liking to my other niece and go to her.  Everyone that came, said the dog just needed to go through an adjustment period.

Later that night, when I was home my sister called and told me that the dog was dying.  I asked what had happened.  She said that the dog had started bleeding at the mouth.  They called the rescue and were told they'd be there in the morning to take it to a Vet.  My sister checked the dog's mouth and noticed it's tongue all cut up.  The poor dog than began to puke up blood.  It was decided to go to the emergency clinic.

The Vet informed them the dog wouldn't of lived through the night.  His gums were white indicating internal bleeding.  He also said the dog was probably holding his head up because that was the most comfortable position.  The Vet called the rescue and the people came in.

The cost for diagnosis would be $1000.000 with close to $5000.00 in treatment.  Technically, the rescue would be responsible for this, but figuring the rescue wouldn't be able to afford the cost, my niece reluctantly chose to sign the dog back over to the rescue.  Last she knew the rescue was paying for the disagnosis tests.

We don't know if the dog is going through treatment or if they chose to put it down.  I don't believe anyone intentionally did anything wrong to the dog.  I think, he was chewing wire and more than likely swallowed it - cutting up his throat and who knows what else in the process, the rescue probably didn't notice until he started bleeding at the mouth.

Anyway, it wasn't a Happy Birthday for an 8 year old that wanted a dog.  Whether Gizmo is on his way to recovery or in a much better place - please say a prayer for him.  I believe he would of been a very good dog.


And please, PLEASE - watch what your dogs eat and chew on!!!!


  1. That totally sucks and is totally sad! He is really cute! Are they going to look for another dog?


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