Just Shoot Me Now....

Despite the first week back from vacation, work hasn't been too bad.  The one person is off and the atmosphere is rather pleasant. 

Today was my planned filing day...yeah-didn't happen.  What did happen kind of threw me off guard though.  As I began to file, the Captain walked in and said he needed an ink cartridge.  Office supplies are kept locked up like it is gold and only one other person has a key besides me - the person that is off this week.  So I dropped what I was doing and walked back the hallway with him.  We found the cartridge and as we're walking out of the supply room he says to me, "You're not going to be able to wear those type of pants anymore." (I had on capris). 

Me:   "Really why?" (thinking he's joking around). 
Him: "Because of your tattoo.  Policy says tattoos cannot be visible."

This was news to me!  So I asked the obvious, "When did this start?" 

Him: "It's in the policy that you already signed for back when the policies started online."  
Me:   "Really?" 
Him: "Yes.  There's a big controversery over tattoos in the other division; it *is* an issue."

I walked back to my office and after awhile shared this with the other girls.  They were perplexed.  Definitely someone had to of complained.  The one even said she was thinking of getting a tattoo and couldn't believe this was happening.  I walked back the hall to the Sergeant's office and said something to him, the Property Officer was in there- she said "You have a tattoo?  You've worn those outfits all summer and I've never noticed it."

The Sergeant said he just had to call the other division for information on skin toned sleeves to cover tattoos.  He pulled up the website and printed it out.  As I'm heading out the office, he asks me to drop it off at the Captain's office.  I do, the Captain says, "Oh, that isn't for me, it's for you."  I left it lay on his desk.

When they put all the policies on the computer they did it in clumps.  You're to read and sign off on them by a certain date.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that didn't read them completely (I've typed those manuals at least 2 times).  But I realize that is my fault.  I pulled the policy and read it; it *does* give me an option to request an exemption to the policy.  I plan on doing that especially since I work at a desk and my legs are barely visible and when I'm in the file room I'm the only one there.  I realize with cold weather right around the corner, my dress attire will not be capris...but really now, who is offended by a butterfly tattoo??