There WAS A Post

I wrote a nice long post yesterday, went to preview it and POOF! it was gone.  And that auto-save at Go Daddy just apparently wasn't working.

Anyway, Saturday we went to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA for their Dog Wash Fundraiser.  For $20.00 each, Toby & Keyser got a bath and a nail trim.  Keyser did very well, but Toby is rather frightened when it comes to strangers and I had them muzzel him as a pre-caution for the nail trim.  He's never bitten anyone but he has kind of, on occassion, acted like he might; so I didn't want to take any chances.  While there we took a look at the cats and they have quite a lot that are "Strat" look-a-likes!  I hope to get one as a playmate for Cooper (as he's driving poor 12 year old Sebastian nuts), but we're just not quite ready for another yet.  They have some very nice looking black & white and white & black ones as well - they even have a persian.  Check out their website if you're interested.

Back at work today and we're still trying to get situated in the offices with the new furniture.  I could really use more desk space - I'm trying to find a desk organizer to hold quite a few things - when I find something that'll work, it tends to be too big.  Oh well, I'll get it worked out.

Leave for V A C A T I O N on Friday - I can't believe it's almost here!!!