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The other night hubby and I walked to a house in our neighborhood that's for sale.  He had looked into the windows and wanted me to see it (not like we can afford a house, but we can always look).  It was starting to get dark when he took me into the backyard and onto the deck to look in the back door - you couldn't see anything.  Coming off the deck, it started to rain - who am I kidding; it started to POUR down rain.  There was thunder, there was lightning and sheets of rain coming down.  The house had no covered porch, we were forced to stand smack up against the garage doors and hope that would keep us somewhat dry...it did for a while, we then watched as the wind shifted and all those sheets of rain started coming down the street and headed right towards us!  We were drenched, as soon as the storm seemed to be moving off, we chose to then walk in the rain home.  We were drenched!

Yesterday, was another trip to Johns Hopkins.  Hubby's staples needed removed - his local doctor refused to do it with a "We don't do that anymore."   Then they decided they would do it if Hubby had the removal tool as they didn't have them - ummmm....yeah, we all keep one of those in our pocket!  So he made the appointment at JH and we drove the hour and a half for a 5 minutes appointment.  Beth was very nice, removed the staples, let hubby have them (for some reason he keeps these) and gave us the removal tool as well (they're disposable anyway).  So yeah, now we do have one of those tools.  Anyway, every time we head down that way we pass this place:


It's a bar that sits along 140 near Westminster and Reistertown, MD right before the 795 interstate exchange.  It's always crowded and we also said that one day we would stop.  Since it was lunch time on the way home, we did just that.  I had a shrimp salad sandwich which was served in a bowl and you put it on the roll yourself.  I'm not kidding when I tell you that the shrimp were HUGE, the dressing was good, but I thought it had way too much celery in it; but since it was served on the side I was able to pick some of that out.  Fries and coleslaw come with the sandwiches, the fries are the crispy seasoned type, which I'm not fond of, and the coleslaw would of been good if it had been minus the green peppers (I couldn't see them, but every time I took a bite I could taste them).  Hubby had the fried flounder sandwich which he said was very good.  We also had the homemade potato chips for an appetizer, they are seasoned with Old Bay and come with blue cheese dressing for dipping.  They are very good.  Do I highly recommend this place? No.  But if you're ever that way, it is worth a stop; especially if you're not in the mood for the chain restaurants and just want something different.  The menu has quite a lot to choose from.

Then it poured down rain the whole way home.


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