Bad Girl, Bad!!

I've been very, very bad in regards to this blog.  It's been forever since my last post.  Sorry about that life does sometimes take over blogging.

Not a whole lot happening really.  Hubby's coming along fine and doing better than expected so quickly.  I just keep reminding him not to overdue it - or it could mean a huge set back. 

Then there' s that remember, the new office furniture.  It's not here yet!!!  They told us normal turn around was 6-8 weeks, but they put a rush on our's for 5 weeks.  Yeah right, not only has it been 8 won't even all be coming'll come in pieces OR we can wait to the end of October/beginning of November when it will all be ready......   got to hate dealing with government agencies!!!!  I just know it will arrive when I'm on vacation - so I have to let the other office ladies know what I expect!!  Or they'll have to wait and do mine at a later date.