Another Relaxing Day

I love the beach; I hope to live on a beach someday.

Weather was stormy and rainy this morning.  Hubby and I opted for a movie.  He wanted to see "District 9", though I already have seen it, I really liked it so I didn't mind sitting through it a second time.

After the movie, the weather had cleared and I walked down to the beach where my sister, niece and great-nephew were.  They began telling me that right before I got there the lifeguards had everyone get out of the water.  My sister and great-nephew were the last to get out as they didn't think the lifeguard was blowing his whistle at them - lol!!  Anyway, the area was cleared as there was a SHARK within the vicinity.  Fortunately there were no problems and within 20 minutes everyone was free to go back in - we chose not!

Yesterday, a young girl staying at our hotel was stung by a stingray!  She was only in knee deep water when it happened.  My niece and I were sitting on the beach and she was sitting down in front of us, when we saw the lifeguard walk over with his first aid kit.  We were thinking jellyfish sting or she stepped on something that cut her foot.  We then saw the lifeguard motion for another lifeguard to come over.  Then the medical jeep showed up.  The lifeguard began to give the guy with the girl directions to a medical center.  As it turns out they were in the room right next to my mother and my mother talked to the girl as she waiting for her father to get the car.  She told my mom that she had been stung by a stingray (we don't know if she saw it, or if that's what the lifeguard told her) but apparently medical personnel has to remove the barb (which is what they call the stinger).  The girl was in tears and said her whole leg was in extreme pain.

Stingrays, Shark - what more can happen????

We went to the IMAX theatre last night - on the way in they stood us in front of a green screen and took photos.  On the way out, you could purchase the photos which they added backgrounds too.  Our's came out rather funny, so we opted to buy them.  When I'm home and can scan them, I'll share!

Off to bed....