And The Furniture Project Ends

Today the new office furniture arrived - FINALLY!!!

It was to arrive on 2 trucks and be packed so it would be unloaded office by office.  It actually arrived in one big truck and was packed with no rhyme or reason to it.  This really didn't surprised any of us.

As I mentioned before, after ordering the furniture, we ended up switching offices.  We had decided, if possible, to switch pieces around if there was definately an ordered piece that an occupant really wanted.  This only occurred with 2 of the occupants.  The crew began bringing items in and placing them by the office plans.  They began to complain.  The Captain advised that everything was going to the offices as the plan was laid out.  This ticked one of them off first thing - out the door she went.  The reason the Captain wanted it this way was so we could make sure no pieces were missing; once the crew left - we could rearrange how we out the door he followed.  Things calmed down and continued.  The 2 who chose to switch some things around, did that and also chose to add some of the old furniture in as well.  I think they've overcrowded themselves, but I don't have to work in those offices.  The other girl and I chose to just leave things as is (though I did eliminate one guest chair) and I also was able to hand over the leave slips to her - which for some reason she willingly took.  One less thing I have to worry about.

Once furniture was arranged, it was time to unpack all the boxes and put the stuff in place.  It was a very tiring day.  I then came home and babysat the grandbaby for 3 hours.  I'm extremely tired!!!