A Rotten Day - But Vacation Has Finally Begun

I had one job to do today....FILE.  I was off yesterday due to another Johns Hopkins visit (all went well) and was due to start vacation tomorrow.  With the new furniture in and getting things in place, the filing became backed up - but I knew I could get it done in a day....yeah who was I kidding???

First dilemma of the morning were keyboard trays - you know the type that attach to a desk...I hate them, don't want one, never have.  Didn't order one with my new desk.  But somewhere along the line someone got the impression that I wanted one.  And during this dilemma when I said I didn't want one, I got the "Why did I order you one then?"  Well, I don't know - why did you?  A half hour later, a rather cranky boss walks into my office and asks "Why don't you want the keyboard tray now?"  So I tell him, I never wanted a keyboard tray - didn't order it initially, didn't order it later - I DON'T WANT IT!!!  They then decide since it wasn't open, they'd return it.  (You did notice that the orderer ran to the boss to tattle didn't you?)

You would think it would end there but it didn't.  Someone then says "The boss is going to come look at your Kiosk, I told him you didn't like it, so he may switch you."  (Mind you this is the same person that ordered me a keyboard tray).    I inform her that I NEVER said that, that his Kiosk was useless to me and I was keeping the one I ordered.  A few hours later, the asst. boss comes in and starts looking at it.  I said "No, he's not getting it."   He says "You don't like it."  I said "I never said that.  I just made the comment that the shelves on it are so deep.  I'm keeping it."  He leaves.

(Really now, what went on while I was off?  Did they all fall asleep next to a pod or something?)

But it gets better.  When I left Tuesday, I had gotten all the paperwork in order so I could file.  In the meantime, someone had been hoarding a pile which just appeared out of no where - I'm now sensing I'll have to work a little over.  But I'm determined that filing is being done before vacation.  But first, I have to crawl around on the floor under a few desks for computer stuff.

Then all of a sudden there's an important meeting about a screw up.  Everyone is at the meeting other than the people that screwed it up!!!  Then that 15 minute meeting goes into a 1/2 hour and somewhere along the way...I can see one person whispering/motioning to another to "go ahead and bring it up".  So my office buddy (apparently not) says "We have lots of vacations coming up.  Laura will be gone next week and Kathy the next.  It's very important that everyone keep things caught up.  Please make sure you're not letting things get backed up." 

Let me interpret for you - "There's piles of filing sitting around that needs filed and well that's Laura's job and not ours."  We wouldn't want any of them to lower themselves to have to do such a common tasks as file, now would we?  And wasn't this what I've been trying to do ALL DAY LONG!! 

None the less, by the time I left - every piece of paperwork was filed.  The boss however was gone by then so I had to fire off an email to him explaining that I wanted my Kiosk, didn't want the keyboard tray and that the filing was complete, oh and after today...I really needed the vacation!!!



  1. Dang, you do work with a bunch of whiney cry babies! They actually make Betty Lou look pretty good and that is saying a lot!


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