This & That

I'm not much of a gambler, I kind of like my money and feel gambling is throwing it away.  However, on Saturday when I was leaving town to pick up hubby from Johns Hopkins, I stopped at AC&T to get a drink.  I paid for the drink and with my last 4 quarters in my pocket, as an after thought I bought a PowerBall ticket.

Now don't get too excited - no one won the jackpot, but I had 4 NUMBERS!!  I checked the numbers on the interent this morning and I was actually shaking when numbers were lining up!  4 numbers won me $100.00.  I was only one number away from $200,000 or the powerball number away from $10,000 - or of course, one number and powerball number away from $80 million.  4 number excitement became disappointment; but I'll take $100 over nothing at all!  The employees at AC&T were very excited when I cashed it in today.

Hubby's doing as well as expected.  The medication is unreal, and I'm wondering how many are really  necessary?  Painkillers for sure but I can't help but wonder how all these drugs are interacting with each other.

Back to work tomorrow, one person on vacation - hmmmm.......