The Fourth of July Holiday

Yesterday was a full day in my town.  We walked to the cemetery to see the parade.  No the parade doesn't come thru the cemetery, but it does go past it and well it's a good view from there and many others had the same idea.  On our way through the cemetery I noticed that once again it had been vandalized and the angel's head from the one monument is missing again.  It really distresses me that someone would do this.

We sit on the hill and wait for the parade.  I've lived in this town for 11 years now, but this is the first parade I've gone to; I certainly wasn't expecting Macy's but really, they call this a parade?????








And there's the parade!!  Technically, I should mention that there were more emergency vehicles, antique cars, motorcycles, little cars and church floats advertising their Vacation Bible Schools; oh and there were 2 or 3 majorette groups and some Dairy & Farm Queens but above is pretty much it!  Keyser seemed to enjoy the commotion of the parade but Toby (who is terrified of loud noises) sat with his back to the parade - he wanted to face the way towards home and nearly drug me back when he got the okay we could leave!


Later in the afternoon, we walked down the hill to the festival to get something to eat and look at the craft stands and listen to music.  This results in having to walk back UP the hill (you'd think we'd of learned this lesson last year).  For those that don't know - the hill is straight up and it's very tiring - let's say I had to stop 3 times to catch my breath.  Later in the evening it was back to the cemetery to watch the fireworks.  Again - this wasn't an original idea - the place was loaded with people.  The only thing I found strange were the people that assumed it was okay to spread out blankets on graves and picnic there!!!  Ummm.....there's a whole grave free area  - show some respect!!!  Oh, and the ones that chose to park on graves!!!  People are just dumb.  Fireworks display is always nice, though they claim there were 150 more this seemed to be shorter to me!!


  1. Well that's the July 4th Parade. The Memorial Day parade has school bands in it. And wait until you see the Christmas Parade, bringing Santa into town! Wow-wee!! :)



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