Stress & More Stress

I keep telling myself that I NEED my job.  It's an ongoing struggle and I don't quite understand how simple things get blown out of proportion.  I don't understand how you can be handed a job description and be told to go over it and make corrections, additions and deletions and go into a raging fit over it.

That happened today.  Apparently whomever did the job descriptions was trying to "fancy" them up.  Whenever the County reviews positions we get clumped together with other offices positions throughout the county even though our jobs have more liability that go with them.  Apparently someone was hoping for them to stand out - so we each had a fancy title.  This made some people mad - RAGING mad.  Why?  I'm not quite sure...obviously we can't "officially" use those titles, so I scratched mine out and put the County title up there.  Others couldn't do that - "Where did these come from?"  "Why weren't we consulted."  "We all have to sit down together and review these."  None of this was needed as the job descriptions had what we do on them - it appeared they were a combination of our assigned duties and what the County has listed for us (which is mainly just my job); one person pointed that out by yelling, "Some of these duties are yours' and *I* don't do that."  My response?  "Take a pen and scratch them out."  Two of them then went storming out of the office for lunch; leaving me and the other somewhat bewildered.  Later I asked 2 "higher ups" their opinions - they said put your official title on there and correct the job description to your duties.  That's what I had already done.  This is one of those days, I just want to go into the file room, close the door and just breathe.  The file room is a very quiet place and when the door is closed - you hear no outside noise.  If there were room - I'd move my office right into there.

On top of work.....hubby's second surgery is scheduled for this Monday (this is the one that was never done last time, due to the problems from the first surgery) and we have to be at Johns Hopkins by 5:30 a.m.  I've had to board the dogs for 2 nights and I can't stay down there this time as we just don't have the money.  He'll be there 3-5 days and it has me distressed that I have to be so far away from him.  He's also been diagnosed with 2 small ulcers (fortunately not bleeding) AND acid reflux AND something else, which as soon as he can remember the name I'll let ya know; but it has something to do with the acid reflux being so bad that the esophagus has attached itself to the stomach or vice versa or something of that nature; my heads too stressed to remember.  Anyways, he'll be on medication for that forever.  Prayers please that the surgery goes through as planned with a quick recovery period.


  1. Yes, I will definitely pray for your husband. Keep us posted.


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