Phones, phones, phones....

I'm rather a fanatic when it comes to technology.  So with the end of our cellular phone contract up this month, I was very into reviewing new phones.

I wanted one that did it all!!  Our service was with AT&T and I had my heart set on an iPhone.  Course I wanted to actually see one first - no such luck, the guy at the AT&T store told me they are only sold at Apple Stores and the larger AT&T stores.  That actually was a lie as Walmart had them.  I went, tried it out and really liked it.  Required a $30 data plan added to the bill, no special price deals on the iPhone either.  Hubby wanted a BlackBerry - again a $30 data plan and though a discounted price for renewing the contract, not as good a deal as they were offering new customers. 

We knew of course that our monthly bill would go up, but it just seemed a little out of control.  It was then we began looking at other carriers as we could get better phone deals.  Hubby could get his BlackBerry with any carrier; but I had to kiss my iPhone goodbye <sniff>; but it was what made sense.  We settled on Sprint mostly because they offer the best plans - all inclusive.  Oh if hubby planned on traveling abroad (he doesn't) or needs connected to his work at all costs (he doesn't) he could pay additional for that with his BlackBerry; but since he didn't need that - we made out well, once I decided on what phone I wanted....

I eventually decided on the Samsung Instinct s30 - touch screen with a virtual qwerty keyboard.  I was sold after watching a video of it's many options on the Sprint site.

Once we settled on that we began comparing prices.  It doesn't seem to matter whether you were new or renewing - the best prices were on the internet.

Last time we bought through Wirefly - no real problems other than having to wait for the numbers to get transferred over to the new phones, which seemed to take longer than it should have.  This time around we went through Radio Shack.  The phones were ordered Monday and were shipped today.

It wasn't an overly smooth transistion.  We've learned that when it comes to cell phones, they always want signatures at arrival.  Since we'd both be at work, I listed the business as the shipping address.  This caused a problem because the numbers and billing address are in PA and the shipping address in MD.  But hubby made a phone call today and got it worked out.

I'm just hoping that the numbers transfer as easily.



  1. Love that look of that phone! Hubby had offered me a new phone for Mother's Day and now I kind of wish I had taken him up on it!


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