Harper's Island

Have you been watching Harper's Island???  If not, you're missing a very good show.  The finale is this Saturday (tomorrow night in Canada).  If you haven't been watching don't jump in now or even research it on the internet - wait for repeats or the DVD due out in September.  It's a who-done-it murder mystery, so you can understand why.  If you haven't watched it you may not want to venture further in this post, but if you have been or really don't care then read on.

My guess is Henry because he's the only one that makes sense to me.  I don't know if he and Wakefield are in it together but if so, I guess it would only make sense if he were Wakefield's child.  Anyway, I'm thinking the killings are as follows:

Cousin Ben - since he was already tied up under the boat with oxygen awaiting for the boat to start and chop him to pieces in the very first episode, we don't know a whole lot about him.  I'm guessing his killer is Henry.

Uncle Marty - If Henry is Wakefield's son, then this is where that bag of money Uncle Marty brought with him comes into play.  I believe Uncle Marty was paying off Wakefield to stay away from Henry.  He goes out to meet up with Wakefield and well, Wakefield chops him in half.  Wakefield is the killer here.

Reverend Fain - he was killed so the church killing device could be set.  I'm guessing Henry the killer here.

Kelly - Don't think Henry wanted J.D. to have any fun - Henry killed her.

Lucy - I'm guessing Henry here as well; not sure why though.

Hunter - Henry's fiancee's ex?  Definitely Henry.

Booth - he accidentally killed himself (we saw that happen).

Mr. Wellington - church set-up; thought Henry wasn't good enough for his daughter to marry - definitely Henry here.

Richard - Richard affair with Katherine had Trish upset; plus with Mr. Wellington dead, Richard would run the company.  Henry's the killer here as well.

Malcolm - Took the money bag and had it hidden.  Never bothered to tell anyone about Booth.  Henry is the killer.

Cole Harkin - happened in the woods, very well could be Wakefield.  However, Wakefield seems to thrive on an audience with his killings so could be Henry.

J.D. - Henry covered in blood?   This one is a no-brainer.  Or was Wakefield killing off the last of Henry's adopted family????

Beth - the faceless character most of us forgot about, member of wedding party.  Henry.

Katherine - Wow - everyone thought she was just sitting on the couch; yet she'd been stabbed through the back.  Could be Henry, for the same reason as Richard; but Wakefield seems to know all the secret passages.....

Maggie - we have an audience for this one.  Wakefield.

Sheriff Mills - pretty good chance that it's Wakefield - he had a grudge to fulfill.

Nikki, Shane, Cal - saw them happen - Wakefield.

Chloe - killed herself.

I know there were some other officers killed, but they were minor characters.

I'm so looking forward to the finale Saturday!!!  Please Canadians- no spoilers here!!