Work, Work, Work

Sometime between now and next week the office move will happen.  We're getting somewhat prepared.  The other 3 ladies went in last Saturday and boxed up some of the older files.  I was unable to get that overtime due to my DC trip already being planned, but I did thank them each individually as I've no doubt there was "Laura bashing" going on as well as the "that's not my job" talk (I did get confirmation on that this week).

The new filing system will involve side tabbed files rather than the top ones which we are currently using.  The old files will stay as is, but the current year files will need converted.  Fortunately, I was able to pull a listing from the computer of everyone there in 2009, transfer it over into Excel, and then use it to do a mail merge onto labels in Word.  Worked perfectly and now we need not type 1600 labels!!  They *do* need put on the files however that seems like a good overtime job for this well as filing, which I will be doing today.

Unfortunately the new office furniture will not be in in time for the move - it'll come later.  The final plans for furniture were to be faxed to us for signature on Friday - we've never seen it.  However, the guy in charge of construction knows the top guy at the furniture place and put in some phone calls - let's just say, now the furniture place doesn't like us to much.   I wish they would sign a waiver and let us get it from a local office place.