We Now Interrupt This Blog......

Before I get into this post, I just want everyone to know that I *do* really enjoy my job.  I enjoy the people and the daily grind, but it does get to me at times.

As I've mentioned before we're moving into new offices which involves new furniture.  I've been working with the Asst. Warden on this project, not because I volunteered, nor because I wanted to control something, nor because I was trying to avoid my work nor because I was sucking up; it was basically because I'm his secretary and well, that's why!!  Anyway it's been a long process and we're finally at the end.  Unfortunately it won't be ready for the move, but should be in within a 5 week period.

Anyway, when this new office planning began, no one really asked us exactly what we did or what we needed.  They just accepted the plan presented to them.  As a result, at least two of the offices are of very minimal size.  The one being the reception area.

This area is about the size of a closet, to satisfy the occupant they added a window.  The office next to it is a good size, but lacks a window for some reason, the next one again is closet sized but has a window, and the last one is well, the penthouse and belongs to your's truly.  It's sized well and has a window...and sits next to a very large filing room also with a window.  So do you see the problem????

So the occupant of reception office (#1) hasn't said too much as she's known for sometime the office would be small and there's also the fact that she probably won't end up there but rather back the hallway in another office away from the rest of us (how lucky can one person get?); but none-the-less, at present, that's her office and I opted to share the plans the furniture people had designed for her space.  They did actually well, she was unimpressed, why?  Because she has no overhead units.  The reason for that - THERE'S NO WALL SPACE TO PUT THEM.  It's the reception area, there's a huge window for people to walk up too, oh and remember that window you insisted they put in for you?  Yep, that's hogging another wall......

Now we have the no window office occupant (#2).  I went to show her the office furniture plan; she refused to look at it because "It will be whatever it is and I'll just have to live with it, so it doesn't matter."  Gee, she got everything she asked for.  She then went into a rage about the office space for #1 - how everyone should be ashamed of themselves for thinking she could work in such a small space, etc.....  #1's office has #2 more upset than it does #1.

Okay, I move on to #3 - another small office,  They had to do some fancy footwork to get this one to work, but it's seems to be accommodating her needs.  Since the construction is complete and they're just doing minor details now, #3 and I opted to go over and take a look.  Unfortunately she invited #2 to go along, well then #1 came too.  Two others that will be in the area further back the hall followed.

We walk in, immediately #2 says "Can you believe I've worked here over 20 years and I still can't get a window?  And how they EVER expect  #1 to work in that small space is just ridiculous!"  #3 goes in her office, I follow with her plans and we're taking it all in....but #2 continues "Once that stuff is in here, you won't be able to move."  I then pull her plan out again for her office and ask if she'd like to see it, she grabs it from me and stuffs it in her pocket and says "It doesn't matter".  So I walk over to the penthouse and it's then that #1 and #2 lose interest in reviewing office plans.  At the same time, in walks the Property Officer, she wants to see the file room, which is conveniently located next to my office.  I take her in, she then starts..."You should just put your desk in here and free up that other office, etc...."  When I inform her the scanner and possibly the copier and shredder will be in there, she shuts up and says "Well yeah, there won't be room for you."  ****Note - this particular individual when making the comments was doing so jokingly because she knows of the issues this has caused.****

Can you see why I may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown right now???  I deal with this EVERY DAY.  I'm so sick hearing about small offices and windows, I just want to look at #2 and say "Shut the f*** up"! 

Now technically, yes, I could give my office up - but what have any of these people done for me???  I've been told "I don't do that" and "That's not my job" when I've needed help getting paperwork together.  My job sits when I go on vacation....really now - why should I give it up for any of them???  Technically I could for #3, but she doesn't seem to care...so, oh well, I'm keeping the penthouse.