To The Smithsonian

On the way to the Smithsonian we passed the Pentagon:

For those that have never been to the's actually more than one building.  Alot of people go expecting to see one big building, but it's a combination of several and there's lots of walking involved, you also cannot possibly go through all of them in a day.  So plan your trip into several if you live nearby or plan for several days if you don't.  There's lots to see in this area.

We arrive at the Smithsonian and because the trip also involves going to the zoo, we have to make quick decision on the small amount of time we have.  We decide to walk to The Holocaust Museum .  Though not considered one of the Smithsonian museums it is within walking distance and is worth the visit.  If you're planning a trip make sure to include at least 4 - 5 hours for this; we missed alot due to time constraints and only spent about 1-1/2 hours there.

The Holocaust Museum is free, but when you arrive, stop at the desk and get tickets (also free) to go thru the permanent exhibits.  They time these to prevent the area from getting too crowded.  Everyone receives an Identification Card that tells the story of a real life person who lived during the Holocaust.  Someone had told me, once you go thru the exhibit, you then find out the fate of the person on your card...this is not true (it may have been once, but isn't now); the little cards are a very short read and they tell you the fate right in the card.  Mine is on Bertha Adler who was from Selo-Solotvino, Czechoslovakia.  She was 15 years old when she was gassed at Auschwitz.

I must tell  you that this is a very depressing museum to go through.  No pictures are allowed, so I have none to share; but I do think everyone should visit here.  In the gift shop Miriam Winter was there signing her book "Trains".  It was a very interesting chat and my cousin bought her book and had her sign it.

Anyone interested in this part of history?  Then I recommend the following movies "Defiance" which is a true story and "The Boy In The Striped Pajamas" which isn't.  Both are very good.

Next stop:  The Smithsonian's museum of Natural History.


  1. You're right. It's a very difficult but very moving experience at the Holocaust Museum. My daughter and I spent about 3 hours there, but still didn't see everything.

  2. Glad you got to visit such an important place. I had the humbling honor of walking through the actual gas chamber in Auschwitz, Poland. I wish ever human could walk through there. I wish every human lived in peace. Jennifer

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