Stress, Stress, Stress.....

I'm so very tired.  I've been working 10 hour days trying to get everything in order.  1600+ side tabbed files needed to be made and I think I have about 150 to go - it gets old real fast.  One of my co-workers is in the process of putting the paperwork in order; and she and I are trying to come up with an easy filing plan.

You may ask how filing can be so hard....our old system was like a carousal.  It rotated and brought the row to you, you pulled out a draw and filed.  This system is like the one in doctor's offices - it's shelving.  It means you're either up a ladder, standing or sitting on the floor.  There's these shelves that pull out but they don't provide much work space and the pull-out shelves are only in the standing position thus making them useless for the ladder or floor position.  In a doctor's office you can go down the schedule, pull the files for the day, and then return them at the end of the day.  In the correction business that's impossible, we would have to go in - run the jail listing and pull 425+ files and then return them at the end of the that wouldn't include the tons of paperwork that comes in for files that are already closed or archived.  It's impossible.  Filing will take 3 times as long to do if we can't come up with a plan.

Why, you may ask, did we opt for this type of system?  We didn't.  From the start I insisted this was not the kind of system we could use productively.  However, the architect was responsible for the plans and the company for this area and he never talked to any of us and none of the higher-ups said anything.  Construction started, and the company shows up for the filing system and this is the only type of system they sell - so we were basically told - this is what you're getting, make it work.  So here we are, trying to make it work.

Did I mention that besides the filing system, we also have shelving around the walls of the room?  This turned out to be a good thing as if we didn't have that, the filing system would be full.  This seemed odd to a lot of people since the salesperson said it would hold 3 times the amount our old system did.  That may be true comparing it to the old system; but apparently she overlooked that there was another system just like it back the hallway and that there were dozens upon dozens of boxes of files stuck in any available corner.  She was shown all that, but apparently was off in her calculations.

Very stressful days ahead.