I Must Explain

I complain somewhat a lot in regards to my job and co-workers.  I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression, I truly do love these people.  But like with anything else, the day-to-day grind gets to you.

I'm a team player.  I believe in teams.  I like to cross train and help someone when needed.  I'm the one they come to first with computer questions and such.  I'm willing to drop whatever I'm doing to help another employee.  I don't believe the terms "That's not my job" and "I don't do that" belong in a team.  So I guess you can somewhat understand where I'm coming from; especially since during office meetings I hear "We work together and help each other out; there's no problems" and then well, reality sets in.

Two of the women in my office have worked there 20+ years.  They are both very good at what they do.  One of them doesn't accept change to well, frankly she doesn't accept it at all; the other would, but she tends to get drawn into the attitude of the other.  I've been there 11 years and the other lady has been there 7 or 8 years.  I'm the youngest of the group, but not by too much.

One of the reasons I get projects such as the "furniture" is because I don't mind taking on new things and it can be handed to me and they don't have to listen to me complain about it to everyone else for the next few days.  Contrary to what a lot of people think, cross training and willingness to take on new responsibilities can be a deal breaker in a downsize.  I worked for a company that had to eliminate one office position at one point; everyone was assuming it would be me as I had least seniority; but they downsized the person with the most seniority.  Why?  Why should they pay her when they could pay me less to do my job and her's both?  That's a terrible thing, I know; but I work with two people that think that seniority will carry them through.  So I've learned that seniority really means nothing anymore.

As far as the new office sizes go, the two smaller ones are actually "cubicle size" and anyone that works everyday in a cubicle knows what I mean.  Unfortunately, everyone walks in their office and imagines their current furniture in them.  They seem to overlook the fact that the new furniture is designed to fit the offices.  If anyone knows how to downsize, it would be me - I bought a house that is half the size of the last one; at least two of them will have to learn that.  At present, I have the smallest office and it's a triangle type space (not square or rectangular), the filing system is in there with me and takes up a lot of space; I've quite a bit of stuff and well the office isn't big enough.  So I'm looking forward to my new office and the file room being separate.

I'm not looking forward to the attitudes and grumbling that'll come with it.  I've decided the best way to handle that is to just go to work and not speak unless spoken to, pack my lunch, eat in my office, look out my window and just enjoy.

This evening I'm heading to D.C. with Polt for some blog worthy material!!