D.C. Gay Pride Parade

Polt and I attended the D.C. Gay Pride Parade this past Saturday.  A regular time for him - totally new for me - but hey, what woman can resist half naked men even if they are gay?  We had a very good time.  One of the people on one of the floats threw me a t-shirt which said "Your girlfriend likes my apartment."  We got a good laugh out of that!  The only annoying thing was for a small time period a man, woman and their daughter were behind me.  Their daughter was actually next to me in order to get the candy, beads and such they were tossing; at some point I picked up on their conversation, which went something like this:

Woman:  We could of made a banner and walked in this parade, apparently that's all it takes.
Man:  No kidding.
Woman:  I thought this was going to be like Macy's Parade
(**note** does anyone know of a parade comparable to Macy's?)
Man:  It's a far cry from Macy's.
Woman:  OMG!!  You are not going to believe this.
Man:  What?
Woman:  That policeman back there is smoking a cigarette in front of all these people!!
Man:  Where?
Woman:  Right over there!  That totally makes me mad.
Woman:  I'm going to take a picture and send and report that to someone.
They leave!!

If people only knew how ridiculous they sound; good thing they left cause I was about to tell them to move along.  Anyway, some photos (Valerie Harper was the Grand Marshal):