I don't normally blog at work, but it's technically my day off and I've been working my a** off, and well I needed the break.

The move has been hard.  It took almost all day Thursday just to get the files moved and in place.  The plan was to do that on Thursday, but "someone who shall be nameless", screwed everything up.  One - he had the inmates start moving file boxes and didn't make sure things were kept in numerical order.  We got one box unloaded and were faced with boxes upon boxes of numbers that didn't follow.  Where were they?  In a trailer - way in the back.  Nothing was kept in order and time had to be taken to separate the boxes by year, then put those in order.  It was a nightmare and very hard work.  My arms, hands, legs, feet - who am I kidding - I ache all over!!  Instead of waiting for that process to be done, they went ahead and started moving offices - starting with mine.  It was hard to deal with the files and try to watch what they were doing between my old and new office.  Nothing got lost, but some paperwork got messed up...but I'm working on that!  I've put in overtime Thursday and Friday and here it is Saturday and I'm at it again.  I thought one of the other girls was coming in but she must of changed her mind.  The boss was here for a few hours but he just left.  Everything is in chaos and well, regular work must go on too.  Fortunately by late afternoon yesterday we had phones and computers again!

On the plus side....once we're all settled I think it will be nice.  The lights come on automatically when you walk into an area.  I'm noticing this alot today being the only one here.  If they don't detect motion they go off after a time period.  Since I'm sitting in my office the outer area goes out.  I did notice in the file room that when you're in the filing system, the motion dectector can't detect you - so it goes off after a time period; so I had to walk out into the room to get the lights back on - lol!!  It'll take some time.

And how am I doing not having the penthouse?  Actually pretty good.  Since I spend lots of time in the file room, the larger office was unnecessary and everything I need does fit in this office.  I still have a window (same size as in the larger office), which I really am enjoying as are my plants!  I was somewhat concerned that the new furniture coming for this office was not what I needed.  We were each allowed to pick our stuff and it was designed to fit the my choice of stuff is no longer mine; but when I came in this morning, I pulled out the plans and did some measuring and it will give me additional storage and a little more surface space - so I should be alright.  Actually...none of us ended up in the offices we were originally I don't know if anyone else has thought about their furniture of choice - since they won't be getting it!!  Minor issue that'll need worked out.  Anyway...some office photos:

Above is my old office.  First shot is from the doorway looking in; next one if from that back corner towards the door. 

Now for the new one:

From the outside looking in and then from the doorway.

My window and from the desk looking out.

Technically, I should apologize for the moving mess - but who am I kidding.  I work in clutter!!