The Wedding Morning

So Sunday morning we get up and head to an early church service.  It's freezing outside, it's very windy.  I'm thinking, I'll freeze to death in my sundress up on the mountain.  Coming out of church the sun is finally out, but it's no warmer.  Hubby keeps'll be fine.

We get ready and head to the photographer's for formal family style portraits.  Since hubby has the largest car, we're in charge of getting Lauren to the park.  Her mother wants her to move everything to the church - it's just too cold.  Lauren refuses - she's getting married at PenMar!!  So photos to start the day:

                                 Lauren - hair done and veil on.

                                  Hubby and Lauren.

                                     Kyle & Lauren.

                                     Hubby & Kyle.

                                     On our way to the wedding.

You all do realize this process is going to take several days right??????