The USMC Memorial

Yesterday I went with my mother and her church on a bus trip to the Smithsonian and Washington Zoo.  The buildings don't open until 10:00 and since we were early, the bus driver took us to see the USMC War Memorial (which I had never seen before, I really didn't even know where it was, I'm ashamed to admit):

There were some school groups there and one group asked me to take a photo, the next thing I know I had several cameras in hand!!!

Trips to DC are always very humbling experiences for me.  Though I don't really live all that far from there, there are many things I've never seen or taken the time to do.  I really enjoy going there and think it's a worthwhile trip for anyone.


  1. I feel fairly certain you're gonna be seeing things in DC in two weeks you've never seen before. :D

  2. It is a very nice stuff you are sharing us! Thanks for it !


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