It Was An Interesting Day

I got to work today and walked into the back room where the refrigerator is to put my lunch in there.  I unlocked the door, flipped on the light and opened the fridge.  The light on the fridge didn't come on, but I assumed the bulb had blew.

I then walked across the hall into the bathroom and flipped the switch, no lights....

Apparently the on going construction required the electricity to be turned off and we were to work the whole day on the generator.  The generator, however, doesn't run everything..just what is deemed "necessary". 

Our office area was rather funny.  The Admin. Sgt., Mary and I had working computers. Mary and I also had office lights, which the Sgt. did not.  The Warden, Captain, Brenda and Kathy had no lights or working computers.  The Men's bathrooms had light, the Ladies' did not.  The hallways were half and half.  The lunch room had lights and a working coffee pot.  The copier worked, but the light above it did not - same with the shredder, it worked - the above light didn't.

This made work rather challenging.  I offered my computer to Brenda and opted to just file and put paperwork together.  Kathy decided to shred boxes of old files and paperwork  from the storage area.  We complained, we laughed...a lot of work actually got done.

I had my hair cut after work and came home and did some cleaning.  My step-daughter stopped by with my grandson, whom I hadn't seen in quite a while.  He's growing so fast and is 7 months old already.  He can almost crawl  - he got going a few crawls while here but we couldn't get him to do it a second time.



His parents get married this coming Sunday.  He'll be wearing a tux.  I can't wait for that photo opportunity!!  I'm not, however, looking forward to the professional photos we'll all be expected to participate in......


  1. He is adorable! Take lots of pics at the wedding!


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