An Update

First off I want to apologize to my subscribers.  When I finally got the export/import feature to work on the blogs I was able to pull over the rest of the blog entries from the old site to this one in bulk.  Well CC informed that she had about 200 messages in her inbox due to that.  Sorry everyone...but as you know, that IS everything and you shouldn't see that anymore.

Work's been ho-hum and I still have that furniture project going on.  The first bid the guy sent was extremely low and after a phone call we realized he had only put us in for L-shaped desked...forgot to add the overhead units, credenzas, file cabinets, etc...  he insisted we never said we needed those.  I finally went to the Captain (who was at the meeting with the guy) and asked him if he remembered us discussing that - which he did.  So he called him and the guy was to send out a new quote a week's never arrived.  Looks like furniture will be our hold-up and every day past June 15th is going to cost $$$$$$$.  See once we move over to the new offices, the area we are in will be all torn apart for remodel for Central Booking so they need us out to meet their January 1 deadline.

I'm getting a little bored with Twitter now.  Still like it but it gets uneventful at times.  People are so touchy.  Kevin Spacey was hounded because he did a tweet in all capital letters!!  And Dana was hounded because he chose to unsubscribe from at least 99% of the people he follows as he had so many his Home page was out of control and his DM filled up with messages from people he didn't know.  He decided to start over.  Now, anyone can follow him - but people were insulted he wouldn't follow them.....these people act like they know him personally or something.  Weird.

Still enjoy Face Book though and I got hubby on it now!!  I've met up with some people from school and one of the guys who now lives out of town is coming home for a visit, so a small group of us will be meeting up on the 21st for dinner and drinks.  Course right now I think I'm the only female.....hmmmm...still popular after all these years...LOL - actually no, was never part of the popular crowd, just the fun one!!

Happy Mother's Day to all - even if you're only a mommy to the furry kind!!