A Moment In Life

Thursday, hubby took Toby to work with him. 

When I got home Thursday evening I took Keyser for a walk; Cooper walked with us.  Coming back to the house I noticed something in the alley next to the house.  I put the animals in the house and walked over.  It was a baby bird that apparently fell from the nest and more than likely was learning to fly.  There were robins around in the trees.  I picked him up and put him in the neighbors yard under the tree as I didn't want Toby picking it up when he and hubby got home.

I kept an eye on it and watched for hubby and Toby to come home.  Eventually, here came Hubby.  He walked in the door and I asked the obvious.."Where's Toby?"  Hubby had this blank look on his face.  He had left Toby back at the shop - totally forgot about him!!  We had to get in the car and go back to get him.

One of those moments Hubby will never live down!