A Computer Issue Solved

I recently had a computer issue that once online I realized lots of people had.  The advice offered didn't help with my solution and apparently it didn't with alot of others.  I've since solved it (easily as a matter of fact) and wanted to share.

I plugged my walkman into the line-in of my sound card.  Everything indicated it was working, but I had no sound.  I went online, there was lots of advice from downloading a new driver (didn't work) to going into the sound control options and doing a right click to view diabled options (didn't work as a matter of fact the option they were telling me that would appear didn't exist).  I was told my sound card was "intregrated" and thus there was no fix, get a new sound card.  I knew that couldn't be true, if the sound card has an option for line-in, then it has to work.  On a Vista help site, I discovered  that Vista comes with line-in shut off...so I went into the sound card again to "un-mute" it....option didn't exist...again I was told get a new sound card.

My sound card is a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio.  I had gone to the site to download a driver (which didn't work) but decided to go back and look around.  It was then I found the solution to the problem.

Click your START button
Choose Programs (or All Programs depending on what option you have set)
Choose Creative
Choose Sound Blaster X-Fi
Choose Creative Console Launcher
A program should pop up:

Check the top left corner and make sure you're in Entertainment Mode (this seems to be the only mode mine has, if your's doesn't say that, check around..or this option may appear in other modes).

Run your mouse along the bottom until you find the "mixer" mode (in my case it's the last icon - with the 3 little wire thingys).

You should see this:

Make sure the correct "Output Selection" is picked.  Since I have speakers connected to my computer via the sound card; that's what is chosen.  Then make sure the Line-In box is checked.  Now you should have sound via the line-in jack!

See, no driver downloads, no new sound cards.....just need to find where the settings are!!