Well Twitter Dee Dee

I'm enjoying Twitter, I really am.  Didn't like it at first, but now that I know how it works, I'm enjoying it.  I've cleaned out some of my followings though.  When I recognize a name, I follow it - some have turned out to be constant tweeters and it just got annoying.  I have followers that come and go over and over again; I have followers that have left and I didn't even know it; I've got followers I don't even know!!!  It's kind of funny though, I can't wait to have a cell phone I can twitter from.

It was a long day at work.  We had the agility testing after work for applicants.  It was so much better organized this time around.  I find it amazing and also sad that are applicants are older.  So many people have lost their jobs and are trying to find something stable with benefits.  It's very sad.

Mickey has come and gone several times....he can make it back to the old house in just a few hours now - he is one determined cat!!  I'd love to put a video camera on him just to see his route!

Today was "Administrative Professional's Day" (aka: Secretary's Day).  The only way we get anything is if I take care of it.  I found us plants at Walmart who's care said "thrives on neglect" - yep, that was the plant for us!!!  Suppose to be doing lunch tomorrow.