This, That and Then Some

Since Kim is in England for her mother-in-law's funeral, I've been helping her keep up with the daily posting at her blog.  She posted earlier today, so I thought I'd hop over to my own and at least have something current.

Really hasn't been a whole lot going on.  Went to see the 4th edition of The Fast & The Furious last night.  I've always been a Vin Diesel fan after seeing him in Pitch Black (still the best of his movies); but I really never cared for the original Fast & Furious and never saw the 2nd & 3rd editions.  But since the original cast was back for this one, I begged Cousin Chris (from here on out known as "CC" on this blog) to go see it.  I didn't really like this one either, but I did like seeing Vin Diesel on the big screen again.

Last week CC picked Adventureland to go see.  Yeah, that was a real dud.  It's advertised as a comedy, but it's not really a comedy.  And it has no storyline what-so-ever.  Everytime you thought it was going went elsewhere.  Strange movie!

My Criminal Justice classes are moving along.  The text book is rather dry and boring, so I try to do small sections at a time.  Because I work in this field, I know the information...but I'm learning the proper terms and meanings to everything and it's rather...snore-fest!!  Fortunately the exams are openbook (but timed), so I try to keep things marked and write down good notes and hopefully that'll get me through.

I wish Spring would get here and stay here.  I'm told there is sunshine tomorrow and to expect a nice weekend - FINALLY!!

Furniture Project at work is ongoing...everytime I think I have it complete-they throw something else at me.  The vendor is due in Friday morning, and I have a strong feeling all my work will be for I'm sure he'll show up with plans from his design department.  As a matter of fact, I know that's what he's doing, he told me that by phone call on Monday...but no one will listen.