More of This....

Tuesday on Facebook I posted the following:

"On my way for Office Supply Ordering Training, like I don't have enough to do (and how hard is ordering supplies?)....."

I received a response of the following from my sister:

"is that class for real????????"

Ummm, yeah - you can't make something like that up!!  Yes the class was for real, we do our ordering through OfficeMax online and they came to review how to use the website.  It's not the website any internet user can get on - it's a website for contracts.  Still pretty simple to use, but whatever.....I did get some nice freebies though.

Mickey came home this evening.  He's getting harder to catch.  No one can ever call the cat stupid...he runs if he sees us and has now caught on that the owners of the house will put him in a crate and call us.  It's a funny ongoing circle.

Still waiting to hear back from Johns Hopkins.